Forensic Services




Our experts are registered professional engineers with graduate and / or other appropriate engineering degrees. We have the knowledge to perform competent investigations, qualify as expert witnesses, and specialize in high quality failure analysis.

Ryan Engineering experts offer a balance of forensic and traditional engineering experience.

With decades of combined background, our engineers have designed, tested and certified products, designed machinery for a variety of industries, analyzed structures, setup manufacturing companies, and  authored industry publications. When applicable, we are prepared to produce design alternatives.




Agricultural Equipment Materials Handling
ATVs Shopping Carts
Automotive Warnings
Consumer Products Circuit Design
Fire / Explosions Conveyors
Forklifts Machine Design
Guarding OSHA
Industrial Machinery Mold
Ladders And many more...
Trucks / Heavy Equipment







Ryan Engineering knows the importance of research in product liability work. Our expert witnesses have the tools to complete extensive literature searches without leaving our office, through remote access to hundreds of exclusive databases worldwide. Our experts also conduct research through design and testing. We have the capability to test products to determine compliance to existing standards. Our engineers have developed testing protocols when not available in standards.




Expert Witnesses are called on to communicate engineering principles to non-technical people. Many of our expert engineers have extensive university teaching experience, which enables them to effectively communicate concepts in clear, readily understood language.

We also employ large scale renderings, computer-generated animations and a variety of models to illustrate the vital issues.  Animations are used to demonstrate how an accident happened.  Models are used to demonstrate a product when it is necessary to "feel" a mechanism, or "see" how a proposed design alternative works. 


Ryan Engineering also provides low cost preliminary evaluations. This provides the client with information about the technical issues involved in the incident early on in the investigation process. 

Ryan Engineering is familiar with Court rulings concerning expert testimony such as Daubert and Kumho. Whenever practical, we support our opinions with published data or research.